Direct Lobbying – LHB Strategies represents clients’ interest before the State Legislature, Office of the Governor and multiple cabinet departments and agencies in the Executive branch of state government

Budget Advocacy  – LHB Strategies can analyze state budgets, track and monitor funding implications in legislative bills and appropriation bills, help clients navigate their way through the state budget process.

Procurement – LHB Strategies can assist in the preparation for and navigation of state government procurements, as well as with RFPs and RFQs.

State Government Vendor Navigation – LHB Strategies can assist vendors with the registration process on the states financial system (VSS – OASIS) , and the various steps and resources available to assist their needs.

Coalition Building – LHB Strategies can assist clients to identify opportunities to collaborate with other government stakeholders to obtain a desired outcome.

Legislative Monitoring and Tracking – LHB Strategies can track bills and resolutions introduced daily in the West Virginia Legislature.  Additionally, we can notify clients of any measure that may potentially impact their operations.Strategy word cloud