Loarie H. Butcher – Owner

Loarie comes from a small town in Greenbrier County.  Her love and dedication to her family, her education and  her sports career, played a role in who she is today.  Her strong leadership skills, well respected work ethic and character is why LHB Strategies will work for you.

Graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Health Care Administration from West Virginia University Institute of Technology, allowed her to get a foot in the door soon after graduating college, with the  West Virginia House of Delegates Committee on Finance.  After 9 years working in the West Virginia House of Delegates Committee on Finance, serving under two Speakers and two House Finance Chairman’s, she had proved her worth and demonstrated she was capable of accomplishing many tasks.  She is one of the few who is truly knowledgeable of the legislative government budgeting process and continues to be well respected by many. 

After working as a Senior Budget Analyst for the House of Delegates Committee on Finance,  Loarie went on to work as a Senior Budget Analyst for  the West Virginia State Budget Office.  Both of these jobs involved working on government budgets, advising and assisting staff, Legislators, Governors, Directors and a network of other people.  Loarie finished out her career working as the Deputy Commissioner/Director of Administration of Tourism handling everything from legislative affairs, budgeting, networking, procurement contracts and overseeing the day to day operations.

“No one can give you a book to learn and understand this process, it is by experience alone that enables one to truly master it.”

LHB Strategies, brings a 360-degree perspective working in both the Legislative and Executive branch of state government.  This knowledge, experience of government process and budgeting, available resources, allows the opportunity to provide broad consulting services to meet your needs.

Because of the hands on experiences in state government,  LHB Strategies can apply those skills to develop practical, enduring strategies and solutions to help others with their challenges navigating their way through government.

Knowledge is crucial in any business enterprise. The combination of knowledge and experience is what is truly invaluable about LHB Strategies.